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Title of your blog post (don't forget to update the markdown file name to match)

These posts belong to you and represent thoughts, notes, observations, and ideas that you might have as you work on various products at balena. It's up to you in how you capture and share these thoughts with everyone.

To best see this formatting, please view this example post in the GitHub GUI editor, use the Netlify CMS option, or clone your repo and view it in your favorite text editor. At some point, you're also probably editing this test post directly from Jellyfish!

We recommend that you break your blog posts up into parts so that people can better follow along.

Organizing thoughts into subheaders

The number of hashes you use determines the header type. One hash for h1, two for h2 (as seen above), three for h3, up to six. You'll need them if you want to break your thoughts down into smaller chunks.

Thoughts on smaller chunks of thinking

Here's an example of using an <h3>.

Maybe you'll live dangerously and...

Use an h4?

Life's too short. Write on!

Making lists about stuff

If you want to make a list, here's one way to format it:

  • item 1
  • item 2
  • item 3
  1. here's
  2. an example
  3. of a numbered list

Using images in your post

Sometimes you need to use images to convey your idea. Format it this way:

![Alt text that describes your image for screen readers or accessibility features](image url)

You can add images to your repo for use. You can also just link to something that lives on the internet.

You can also add styling, like bold and italics. If you want to hyperlink some text, here's how you do it.

Maybe you have some code that you'd like to show off. You can format it like this:

<code example>

Closing thoughts

For now, we're supporting barebones blog posts that use open source standards, like Markdown (as you've read about and practiced). We'll add more features in the future, especially as we add new features and goodies to Landr. You've got this. We look forward to what you share with the team!


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